Thursday, April 28, 2011

Homework Recording

Three 10-year-old students of Strathdevon Primary School, who took the sound preference test yesterday, agreed to take the handy recorders and earphones home with them. They were advised to document their soundscapes by searching for the sound they like and dislike without forgetting to tell their names and what they were recording to the microphone. In the next afternoon the results were introduced to the rest of the class who took part in telling their opinions on the sounds. The recordist themselves described where in Dollar the recordings were done and how they succeeded in their jobs.

It turned out, that besides the recording event a new and somewhat exiting sound-related experience was to hear one’s voice from the loudspeakers for the first time. So ladies and gentlemen: here are the contributions of the slightly blushing soundscape recording artists Finlay, Megan and Leah of Strathdevon Primary School in Dollar. They all did excellent job and probably we’ll be hearing more of them on this website in the near future.


Heikki Uimonen

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  1. Thank you for sharing these sound diary recordings, they are very interesting and well recorded!