Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making Everyday Sounds More Audible

On Thursday sixteen pupils of Strathdevon Primary School volunteered to take part in morning sound walk. The participants aged of seven and eight were not only listening to their everyday sounds but also making sounds in the schoolyard in groups of fours. The sound examples here include different springtime sound sources and making of various sounds.

The pupils were asked to describe the making of the sounds to someone who is not there to see what they were actually doing. The few-minute soundwalks were recorded and edited to sound samples. As a result we have a very interesting compilation of rhythms and timbres of the sounds that usually go unnoticed: soft polystyrene foam, crisp packets, empty plastic bottles, railings, different surfaces under the feet, sounds of the swing and so on. 

Have fun with all the sounds and the comments! 

Heikki Uimonen    

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